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You NEVER get to make a FIRST IMPRESSION - Twice

“So vigilant is our unconscious mind in sizing up people that even the most obscure indications can lead to feelings that color and guide our thoughts — and can pack some potent socioeconomic effects.”

Whether we like it or not, and no matter how uncomfortable it makes us feel, we are indeed under the microscope every day - in so many different situations and scenarios. We are constantly judged by how we look, how we speak, how we dress, how we walk, our table manners, our grooming, and even how we do our jobs.

“But...I don’t judge people” you hear that a lot and you may even proclaim that yourself, yes?

Before you begin to deny it to yourself or to others, or before your eyes begin to dart around trying to seek support for this sudden rush of guilt as you recall the “inadvertent” times that you DID prejudge someone based on their appearances and demeanor...I want to remind you that this is a fact of life - it’s not our morals betraying us, it’s not an intentional act of malice, it’s an actual, hard, Scientific fact. While we should not allow biases to dictate how we should act or let them interfere with the fairness most of us seek to operate from in our personal or professional realms, we have to accept this Scientific fact that exists and not let it hold us back.

I am here to help you cultivate the best image of YOURSELF. Do not deprive yourself or others of the pleasure to appreciate the best YOU.

We strive to be the best in school, at work and home, sacrificing so much of ourselves in order to attain that prestigious title, get that enviable promotion or building the most profitable business. Yet...we seldom sit down to take a good look at ourselves, think about how we are meaningfully and genuinely connected to the rest of the world, and most importantly becoming the BEST of ourselves. You see, YOU are the CEO of yourself. Not your boss, not your coworkers, not your family and friends.

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