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From Head to Toe

Updated: May 1, 2020

At World Image Consulting we help clients build an authentic image that portrays not just a polished exterior, but also one that reflects the strengths and goodness sometimes buried deep within - to shine from inside out.

But today let's chat about "from Head To Toe", shall we? During this worrisome Covid-19 pandemic which rendered us helpless and anxious to a certain extent, confined to our homes under the Shelter-In-Place orders to flatten the infection curves - many of us have adopted online meetings as a new way of life both professionally and socially. Then we start seeing blunders appearing on the web as harmless jokes, showing professionals not fully dressed from head to toe - and being accidentally exposed. This is a recent example:

Or when a TV correspondent on a national network was caught not wearing trousers on live television! Although these incidents are definitely not life or death situations in the grand scheme of things as we are fortunate to be healthy and safe during such a trying time - but they are alarming enough to prompt us to be more mindful of how we present ourselves in any professional/social interactive setting. There are times when we just don't feel like going through the steps of self grooming or dressing up and we "let ourselves go", which is completely understandable. Those can be chalked up to our "down time", but when we are prepared to attend to our professional duties albeit via online platforms nowadays, it is vital to make sure we are groomed (and dressed) from "Head To Toe".

We have heard initial comments like: "Why can't we just be comfortable?" "We don't have to impress anyone!" Indeed, we should always factor in comfort when we choose what to wear and what measures/avenues we employ to groom ourselves, but there seems to be a misconception here regarding WHO we are trying to "please". Superficially it does look like, and to a certain extent it rings true that we do groom ourselves and dress up to LOOK good so we are perceived in a positive light. There is no arguing about that. However, if we look into ourselves a little deeper we will realise that such efforts are also to MAKE OURSELVES FEEL GOOD and CONFIDENT. Confidence isn't attained through one particular source or object, it is actually a cumulation of continuous thoughts, efforts/actions and positive reinforcements. Have you felt so much more confident stepping out not only when dressed immaculately, but also when you KNOW that you are groomed from head to toe? (No broken toe nails despite toes being hidden by socks, wearing fresh undergarments, facial hair trimmed etc)  When we FEEL and KNOW that we are in our own top form, our strides are more purposeful, our heads are held higher, and we tend to not avoid eye contact with others like we sometimes do. When we GENUINELY feel confident, it will naturally show! And what follows are predictable: our interactions with others become more meaningful and our productivity/work quality increases. Our minds become more focused as our social anxiety decreases, and overall we are more at peace with ourselves - we become more confident, more contented and happier! So you see - the BEST IMAGE we build isn't merely a facade, but our own PERSONAL BRAND and IDENTITY - one that consists of our genuine strengths and qualities, from Inside Out and from Head To Toe! 

We hope you are keeping well, and looking after one another~

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