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"The customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group."

More than ever, due to the current global pandemic and social unrest in so many parts of the world, we need to take a more serious look at the ETIQUETTE in different areas of our lives. Why? It is not about "constraining" ourselves with the acceptable codes of conduct in society, instead - by understanding, learning and abiding by these rules we are able to help gap a certain degree of interpersonal and cultural differences. Etiquette does not resolve any fundamental societal issues, but when observed it certainly promotes greater peace, harmony and respect. Can you name the main types of Etiquette?

1) Business Etiquette 2) Social Etiquette 3) Travel Etiquette 4) Dining Etiquette 5) Communication Etiquette 6) Social Media Etiquette

Let's explore and enhance your etiquette together here at World Image Consulting.

In this day and age we CANNOT afford to NOT master these essential skills!

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