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Do you know that COMPOSURE is one of the core competencies employers look for, and it is critical for success in many other areas of our lives? Of course there are times and occasions to fully (even uninhibitedly) express our thoughts and emotions (e.g intimate interactions with a loved one) But maintaining your COMPOSURE through stressful or fearful and worrisome situations demonstrates you are in control under pressure - which earns respect and trust, especially when you are in a leadership role.

I had to take a "detour" today while filming a video clip...and I would like to share this episode with you: At the very moment I sat down and put my camera up to film, I sensed some movement from this elderly lady sitting not too far from me. I began to feel anxious as it seemed like she was struggling a little (to get up from her chair)

At 00:06 - As I was determined to stay focused on my task at hand, you could see I gave a quick glance to my left to check on her.

At 00:14 - I looked up as I felt my heart pounding because I thought I heard a faint whimper but I couldn't be certain...

At 00:18 - From the corner of my eyes I could see and confirm that the lady had indeed lost her balance and I knew I should immediately stop whatever I was doing to render help.

*Hence the ABRUPT ending of my video before I could even begin*

In life, we cannot always predict and have control over all situations. But we have control over our own thoughts, feelings and reactions. It’s ok to take a detour, as we adjust our priorities when critical times call for it.

Remember: The more stressful a situation is, the more crucial it is to stay calm and composed - not only does this allow your mind to have the needed clarity in making good decisions, it also encourages others around you to keep their cool hence increasing the willingness of others to follow your lead.

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