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Recharge: from despair to greater heights

When the whole world comes to a standstill in combating this sudden and cruel pandemic-we certainly should do our part in social distancing, diligently maintaining good hygiene, donating time, funds & supplies to those in need, and making sure we check in especially on the more vulnerable.

Life certainly doesn’t have to come to a “halt”, right? Besides working online with my clients as I put my business travels on hold, I press a “reset” button and recharge myself. This is what I advise my clients to do:

1) Pause and “Reset”

2) Take inventory of every aspect of your life

3) Re-evaluate your goals (LT & ST)

4) Start or resume projects, chores & hobbies you have been putting off

5) Reflect, Recharge & Rebuild

For those suffering loss and pain in silence - reach out if you can, don’t give up hope, wounds can be healed through time and patience. Do hang in there just a little longer...

You see, no agony or misfortune will last forever- when have you ever sat through a night when the morning never came?

This too, shall pass...

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