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Charisma and Emotional Intelligence

During my coaching sessions with clients the last 2 days we focused on Emotional Intelligence, how it is closely tied in with our success in life, both personally and professionally. Granted, there are external factors we have no control over, we can always work on elevating the level of our EQ. Specializing in the field of IMAGE building and branding, I have come across many successful and charismatic individuals who share these 2 common traits: they are GENUINE, and because of their sincere demeanour and interactions with others, they tend to put others at ease. (I do have to point out that I am not referring to intentionally "clowning around" or joking to seem "humourous", such actions usually stem from our insecurities - our innate need and desire to be liked and accepted.)

I am applauding the quiet confidence that one builds throughout his or her life (yes, it is an ongoing process of self awareness, evaluation of life experiences and our conscientious efforts in personal development)

No one is BORN completely confident or charismatic. For our personalities and charm to shine through we irrefutably have to put in the work to grow and enhance ourselves. Like all gemstones, in order to produce the maximum natural sparkle they have to be cut and polished by progressive abrasion using finer grits of harder substances (e.g. the trials and tribulations in life, learning self development tools and strategies) - a painstakingly demanding, meticulous and time consuming process. But the end result, as we all know, is well worth it!

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