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Are you...CHARMING?

About 80% of our clients have asked this one question during our consultations: "How do I become more charming, can you help me become more attractive and/or persuasive?" And when we discussed further, it would narrow down to these specific areas: they want to elevate their professional/business PRESENCE hence increasing sales, profits and influence. Or they want to feel more welcomed and accepted in their social circles, to be able to feel more comfortable in their social interactions, and many have asked us for guidance and coaching in becoming a (potential) romantic partner with more appeal and draw.

Some of us may cringe at the idea of asking for external help in becoming MORE CHARMING -

but if you think about it in a more open, honest and practical light, being charming is as much an Art as it is Scientific. We are all born with looks that are genetically pre-determined, but how we carry ourselves and interact with others are definitely within our very own control.

And with consistent actions and values to match - we CAN certainly build an impactive and remarkable presence, which translates into an impressive IMAGE and it will captivate others you come into contact with - whether they are your customers, acquaintances, friends, associates, romantic partners or even complete strangers.

Being charming is NOT the same as "manipulating" people into THINKING that you are just because you have something you want from them. In fact, manipulation is the OPPOSITE of charm. It puts people off, and even if you excel at it - such acts can never be sustained through the test of time. You will end up looking ridiculous and internally you will be exhausted.

What is CHARM ? In addition to the definitions we see in dictionaries, I am certain you will see these common traits in charming individuals: they are genuinely kind, humble, thoughtful, confident, articulate and positive. They are also well groomed, they dress appropriately and they have great manners. You will realize their outward appeal is aligned with their internal values, which almost always reflect traits that bring out the best in others.

If becoming more charming is one of your goals, with our solid professional planning and concrete steps in coaching we are very confident you will achieve this goal in no time. Let us take this fulfilling journey with you, every step of the way!

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