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A New Start: Clear out your INTERNAL CLUTTER to make room for better COMMUNICATION

In embracing this brand new year with hope and drive, we focus our coaching sessions this month on an important aspect of social skills and etiquette: How to successfully increase our social awareness and master the art of COMMUNICATION.

There is a concept/technique we urge our clients to employ in alignment with the wish to START AFRESH - that is to CLEAR OUT OUR INTERNAL CLUTTER so we can make room for active listening, absorbing and processing when we are in a conversation with others. Remember, try your best not to interrupt the other party while engaged in a conversation with them - many make the mistake of trying too hard to get their own word in and to "impress", often resulting in being perceived as impolite, impatient or even arrogant. Remind yourself that you are in the conversation to share and learn, it isn't a "competition" or a platform for aggressive self-promotion.

Even though everyone considers social adeptness a"soft skill", there is actually a complex and dynamic interplay of hard Science and other principles behind it. And this is good news to us all! Why? This means almost ANYONE can systematically and methodically learn this skill, when guided by the right information and tools. It is NEVER too late! We can always start a new chapter at any point in our lives.

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